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About EAQ EquiLearn

Here at EAQ EquiLearn we specialise in supporting children and young people that have difficulty in accessing  the mainstream curriculum. We are able to support a range of children with various needs. Sessions are mainly learner and horse-led but when appropriate can also be facilitator-led. Our horses are kept in an outdoor, herd-based environment. All our staff have disclosure and barring service (DBS) checks and are first aid trained. 


What is the impact of Equine Assisted Learning?

The impact that Equine Assisted Learning has on learners is unique to each individual. However, broadly speaking it can help learners understand their emotional, psychological, behavioural and physical needs. Due to its experiential nature, learners have time to focus on themselves and others by participating in activities with the horse and discussing this process with a fully trained facilitator. Some of the changes in learners are;

  • A change in perception of self and others

  • More trust and respect for themselves and others

  • Positive feelings of empowerment

  • Improved self esteem and self-confidence

  • A developed sense of responsibility and purpose

  • Personal growth and understanding

  • Improved communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)

  • A better understanding of subtle communications such as body language.

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