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Learning with us

We tailor individual learning plans to suit each learners' needs and can facilitate either 1:1 or small group sessions depending on the individuals' requirements. In addition to bespoke equine assisted learning sessions, we can also deliver national qualifications through EAQ's accreditation with the national awarding organisation, Open College Network London (OCN London).

If Equine Assisted Learning is something that could be of benefit to you, we offer a 45 minute free taster session for learners to familiarise themselves with the environment, the animals and the facilitator. This is the perfect opportunity to give learners an idea of the environment we offer and what kind of activities we run. 

The Taster Session aims to:

  • reduce anxiety for the learner and increase understanding of equine assisted learning

  • provide an opportunity for the learner, parent, carer or support worker to familiarise themselves with the setting and ask any questions

  • help you to decide whether equine assisted learning will meet your needs.

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