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Learning new skills through observation and teamwork.

Active experimentation

Trying out what we have learned is a very important part of the learning cycle.


Taking time to reflect on our experiences is a very important part of our sessions.

Daily routine

Tending to our herd on a daily basis ensures they feel happy and secure.


Grooming is a very important part of horse care for many different reasons. Today we decided to work together to groom Joey as he had enjoyed rolling lots in the field!


We give our horses rubs and scratches to reward them for allowing us to work with them in our sessions.

Obstacle course

Building trust with our dogs as we teach them new tricks.

Poisonous plants

Today we pulled up some ragwort. It is a common weed many of us will see thriving on wasteland, road verges and railway land, and if left to grow can spread easily and quickly onto neighbouring horse pasture. The danger is that it contains toxic compounds which can cause poisoning to horses if eaten. Therefore, everyday we check our fields to ensure they are free from poisonous plants such as ragwort.

Horseshoe dream catchers

Spending time creating our very own masterpieces whilst discussing the history behind dream catchers.

Spring wheat

Each week we have been noticing how the wheat has been changing; slowing losing its green colour and almost ready to be harvested.


We watched the combine harvest the crop in this field and found some leftover wheat.

Straw bales

Straw bales are made from a waste product. Once the edible part of the grain has been harvested (such as wheat or rice), the stalks often become a disposal problem for farmers. By bailing the straw, a new life is given to the material, which in this case, will be used for our horses' bedding.

Stubble fields

Enjoying walks on the stubble field before they are ploughed ready for new seeds to be sown.

Straw bales

Today we thought about the many different uses of these straw bales.

Craft activities

Sometimes we enjoy browsing through books, deepening our knowledge of equines. Today we read about different horse breeds which inspired us to create our own fact file. We measured Diddie and looked in his passport to help us complete his fact file.

Making rainbows

Exploring the physics of rainbows whilst bathing one of the horses on a hot and sunny day.


Watching the sun go down below the horizon reminds us that everything in nature must take a rest. Giving us the perfect opportunity to pause, reflect and harvest the fruits of the day.

Fruit collage

Chopping up different fruits and vegetables to make an edible collage for the horses. I wonder which one they enjoyed the most...

Mud kitchens

Experimenting and playing with a mud kitchen in the horses' field to help build our confidence around the horses.


Spending some quality time grooming our horses helps us to bond and ensures they stay healthy and happy.

Stream adventures

Over the winter, as we had more rainfall, the stream got deeper and deeper. We decided to make a bridge so we could get across without getting wet.

Rolling in the mud

Today we spent some time with the horses in the field and watched them roll in the mud.


Investigating the depth of this ever growing puddle. We also spent the afternoon desensitising some of the horses to the water by helping them to create positive associations with water. For example, we played apple bobbing with the horses in the puddle to help them feel more comfortable. We have to be very patient whilst doing activities like these as it can take the horses a long time to conquer their fears.


One of our horses choose to stand in the water just before our session ended.

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